I'm looking to document culture now
to make an impact on the future of writing.

I guess you can say I convey 

This is me

I'm an Atlanta-based creative writer with a passion for interviewing people from all walks of creative life. I've written in many formats including copy for blog and social media posts, poetry, fiction, and articles for literary publishers, B2B companies, nonprofits, and community organizations to present the best descriptions and information for their audiences. I not only write my own content, I edit pre-existing content for creatives and academics. 

Content Strategy  Writing 
Campaign Management 

 Proofreading   Social Media

Blog Content    Editing  

Creative writing Book Indexing


I interview creatives and write compelling
content for publications and organizations

Whether it's interviewing cello aficionados, elderly activists, poets who illustrate their cultural experiences, funky dream-pop bands on tour, or visual artists–I always find a way to get the realest of the real answers. 


I've summarized archived renowned art magazines, written social content for a bank based in Washington D.C., curated poetry for a coffee table book about self-love, and wrote about the importance of a business' process

My freelance work doesn't stop at articles, interviews, and literature. I've worked in the (literal) back end of academia, working with scholarly publications to develop indexes (yes, the ones at the back of textbooks), and transcribing lectures and interviews.