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Ekphrasis Review on Dior Fall 2023 Show

By Naya Clark

Inspired by the Christian Dior Fall 2023 Show.*


A woman introduces herself through lights. Articulating hands-on drums. Speaking rhythms. Chatting out beats, suspending the backdrop of women walking

The archway is jeweled in flowers, a palm tree, quilted in mandalas, and rounded geometric arches of patterns within patterns.

Another woman in black emerges

Ta-ka-ding-ka-ta-ka-ta-ka-ta she keeps going

Violins swell

the conductor guides the orchestra

The woman in black’s flips flops carry her flatly against the brownness

Another woman has gold embroidered on her back, the jacket draped across her shoulders


Another woman is simple. White tank. Black skirt. Layered pearls.

Black dress. Pearls.

Pearls. Black jacket, gold embroidery.

A tiny lion roars in the arches.


A black shirt sarongs against hips

pearls hug necks

long silhouettes

in black and white. A trench. Flat shoes.

A-line maxi.

Beige can shimmer with a clear sequin overlay and moaning violins

the depth of blackness can come forward with drapery

beige and black can be colorful among flowers too.

The woman singing her rhythms starts drumming like water now

water being plunged into

Water hitting buckets in the summer

A hot yellow sun coming from overcasts

Burning the rain before it hits the ground

Making the puddles that tried, dry

Making flowers that hang heavy from the rainfall unto them

Yellow and magenta puddles

Mark the brown dirt

A tiger walks the path

The brown dirt, a silken beige with moisture

The drumming woman is smiling with vigor as pink emerges

The truest pink bounces best with a sitar

turning it hot magenta.

While the sitar, violin, and drum interrupt each other in tandem, making sense as a song

Magenta firmly sits on top, striking eyes

And dazzles with gold on the bottom

the structural changes in many forms

Until the deepest plum covers a woman, her sweater a prune

So striking that darkness can be bright

darkness can reflect into glitter

Mud can reflect into silver-white flecks with Micah

There’s a white purity that reflects from the mud that is no different than the blackness

The water still bounces in buckets way after the rain

While women sing songs to Shiva

All the women walk tall

Their eyes all perimeter-ed with black mascara. Hair is short, black, and slick.

The woman on the drum laughs she leads the intensity.

*Images from See more here.

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