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At the crux of many people living in the humdrum of isolation and taking in stories quickly through social media, the “queen” of flash fiction Kim Chinquee’s new collection SNOWDOG satisfies taking in the brief and wandering details of everyday life.


A$AP TyY, one of Harlem’s A$AP Mob members and a Bike Life pioneer, is known for his style and his affinity for gliding around the city on motorcycles, four-wheelers and dirt bikes. 


Followers, a novel by Megan Angelo, is a fictional prediction of a world molded by social media culture. Followers revolves around the lives of Orla Cadden, whose dream is to become a literary success, and Floss, an aspiring celebrity influencer. 


How the neighborhood’s artists are adapting to the COVID-19 era


Orange, by E. Briskin, is a collection of segmented prose about the death of a grieving narrator’s dog. Along with the jolting theme, the form that Orange takes is just as peculiar...

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